Read All About It!: The Fine Print Bookshop Opens in Saline, September 7

The latest bookstore in the area, The Fine Print Bookshop, will open its doors on September 7. We spoke with the owners about their love of books.

Bill and Lindsay Gibson are ready to write a new chapter for downtown Saline with the launch of their store, The Fine Print Bookshop. The store, located at 109 E. Michigan Ave, is set to open on September 7, and will feature a large children’s section along with titles for the whole family.

“Saline has been our home for the last two years, and we intend to raise a family here,” said Bill Gibson. “We chose Saline because we wanted to become a bigger part of the community and offer an inclusive and safe spot for everyone. Our primary focus will be on books across most genres, with a large focus on our children’s section.”

fine print bookshop
Bill and Lindsay Gibson are owners of The Fine Print Bookshop, which will open in Saline on September 7. Image courtesy of Bill and Lindsay Gibson.

The Fine Print Bookshop is for Everyone

In addition to books, the store will also carry related materials such as mugs, candles, bookmarks, and board games.

“We believe in the importance of introducing reading early to children and want to offer a wide variety of representative books. We will be continually updating and curating our selection to include a diverse array of books,” Gibson said.  

The Gibsons are currently in the adoption process and hope to add to their family in the near future. They share their home with their dogs, Bentley and Harley, and their cat, Eevee. 

”We are not parents ourselves, but we understand the value of having knowledge-based activities available for children in our community. We are looking to become parents through adoption, so diversity and representation in our products are very important to us.”

The Gibsons are both avid readers and felt that their love of reading and love of community would combine well in a bookshop setting. Lindsay, who has a degree in health administration, enjoys mysteries, historical fiction, and popular fiction. Bill, who has a degree in biology, enjoys science fiction, memoirs, and biographies. The couple is also crafty DIYers. Lindsay enjoys crocheting and gardening, while Bill enjoys woodworking and playing his ukulele. Together, they are currently learning to knit and training for a 10K.

Looking to the Future

The Gibsons hope that their shop will be a community space for future events and gatherings.

“One recurring event we hope to establish early on is a storytime for children and parents alike,” Gibson said. “We would also love to start having a series of talks centered around differing topics from people in the community and outside the community as well. The topics will include some kid-friendly subjects.”

The Fine Print Bookshop will open its doors at 10am on Tuesday, September 7. For more information, visit The Fine Print Bookshop’s website or their Facebook page.

109 E. Michigan Ave., Saline. 734-470-6525.

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