The Play Station in Milan Offers Space for Kids to Climb, Bounce and Explore

Sometimes, the littles just need a new place to get their wiggles out. And sometimes, moms and dads need a break from the home routine, too.

Olivia Carpus knows that feeling. As a local mom and early childhood educator, she understands the importance of play. Carpus and brother Garrison Mull are the owners of The Play Station in Milan, a new indoor space where kids can play and get their energy out, regardless of Michigan’s unpredictable weather..

“I’ve been to other indoor play areas many times over the last few years and have always wished for something similar close to home. I’ve also had many thoughts on how these places could do a better job catering to families with young children,” she said.

A child playing on a slide.

Carpus, who has a degree in early childhood education, discussed the idea of opening a new indoor play place with her brother. The siblings were born and raised in Milan, and wanted to bring a family-friendly business to their town.

“Garrison showed interest in the idea, noticing how Milan has so many young children and nothing for them to do. We thought this would be the perfect location for our own indoor play area,” she said. 

Climb, bounce and explore

The Play Station officially opened in September 2023. Geared to children ages ten and under, The Play Station offers structures for climbing, bouncing and exploring.

“The Play Station has many different play areas. We have a room full of gymnastics equipment, a play structure for kids 1-10 years old, two individually netted trampolines, a magnet tile room, an area for children under 18 months, and a rotating play space that will change every couple of months,” she said. “We also have plenty of space for parents and caregivers to sit and have drinks and snacks while the children play.”

Families may choose to bring their own beverages and snacks, or opt to purchase items available there. A private room is also available for rental to accommodate birthday parties and special events.

The importance of play

“It’s wonderful to provide a space where young children can take a break from screens and just be kids,” Carpus said.

A play area inside of the Play Station.

“Play is the way children learn. Many people underestimate how critical play is in a child’s development. As Albert Einstein has been credited as saying ‘Play is the highest form of research.’ When children engage in active play, they’re able to learn SO much about the world around them.”

A warm welcome

Carpus has been pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback from the community.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to offer a place where families can feel comfortable and kids can have a blast in a safe environment,” Carpus said. 

“A favorite quote of mine is from Fred Rogers, who said ‘Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning,'” she added

“These children are developing very quickly at this age, and it’s amazing to watch all of their skills develop. Social skills, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, all through play.”

The Play Station, 9 Wabash St., Milan. 734-628-7174. Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm. Admission: $10 per child, children under 12 months free with purchase of sibling admission. Memberships available.

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