From Moping to Coping: “Thrive With Your Family” Web Series

Is your family struggling to control the chaos associated with COVID-19? Starting on April 14, every Tuesday at 12pm the “Thrive With Your Family” web series will be airing on Youtube and Facebook. Many of the nationally recognized guest panelists will be from Michigan Medicine and will include Jenny Radesky, M.D., Katherine Rosenblum, Ph.D., Melissa Cousino, Ph.D. and Sheila Marcus, M.D

Topics discussed in the web series will range from parenting to mental health during the current pandemic. The panelists understand that families are facing many struggles right now due to COVID-19, such as being cooped up in the house, working from home and overall dramatic changes in their lives. They will discuss ways to cope with these stressors.

Jenny Radesky, developmental behavioral pediatrician and host of the web series, says, “We’ll tackle the stressors, concerns and difficulties families are facing. Most importantly, we’ll talk about how to maintain a sense of hope and understanding, and tips for maintaining a problem-solving mindset even amidst circumstances that can feel out of our control.”

“When the situation is so rapidly changing and stressors are all around us, we can have really big emotional reactions. We might feel angry, helpless and stressed out. All of these reactions are normal, but it’s even harder when your children are having reactions of their own.” Radesky is also a mother of two, lending to her credibility on the subject.

Have questions for the panelists? Parents can submit a topic or ask questions for the panel at Questions can be written or recorded to be played on the air!

While this web series should not take the place of your medical health provider, it is a great tool to help you keep a positive, problem-solving mindset.