September 2016 Family Favorites

. August 29, 2016.

Metal Detector Robot

Get your kids into the maker spirit with this cool robot kit. Once the robot is assembled it will roll around and beep when it locates the hidden metal. Maybe the discovery of some buried treasure is in your near future?

$20 |

Sunflower Growth Chart

Looking for a fun way to keep track of your kiddo’s growth? This laminated and beautifully illustrated chart comes in a sturdy gift box. It also includes stickers to mark their heights on special occasions.

$19.99 |

Mini Playbook Flag Football Set

Just in time for the start of football season this flag football set is designed to teach children the fundamentals of the game. It helps children remain active well past summer and teaches route options and teamwork skills. No matter which team your family supports, this set is for you!

$29.99 |