The University Musical Society | Sensory friendly experience with Takács Quartet

. January 2, 2017.

The University Musical Society (UMS) invites children, adults, and families affected by sensory-input disorders to a free open rehearsal featuring the Takács Quartet on Saturday, January 21 from 12-1pm. During the open rehearsal, the Takács Quartet will present excerpts from the Beethoven string pieces to be performed that weekend. The open rehearsal event will offer a relaxed attitude toward noise and movement, with ambient lighting raised to a higher level than a typical performance. A quiet room will be made available as needed. In addition, prior to the open rehearsal, registrants will be able to access a social story with photos and extensive detail about what to expect.

Saturday | January 21 | 12pm
Rackham Auditorium | 915 E. Washington St.
Advance registration is recommended
734-764-2538 |