Ypsilanti District Library is Hosting a Virtual Town hall on Anti-Racism for Families

Stock photo courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio.

The Ypsilanti District Library has been holding virtual Town Halls to address the racial issues that have been happening over the past few months. This Saturday, August 1, at 2pm come join the YDL for a Virtual Town Hall to address anti-racism with families.


The YDL has been posting on the library’s race relation page different works discussing organizations focused on racial justice with suggestions for anti-racism activities for families to try out. This event is to give families in the community a chance to listen to caregivers and educators on navigating the conversations about anti-racism in their homes and in the larger community. The Anti-Racism Town Hall for Families will be moderated by Nuola Akinde, founder of Kekere Freedom School


Families will be able to listen and take part in the overall discussion. There will be a Q&A, to allow the larger community a chance to discuss their approaches and ask any questions that encourage the discussion. Remember to submit your questions before the Town Hall Meeting and the panelists will do their best to address everyone. All potential questions can be submitted to khamilton@ypsilibrary.org.


Starting these difficult discussions now is important for children. Children as young as six months are able to distinguish between facial features and skin tone. It’s important to get these discussions started early in order to ensure children will be comfortable enough to talk about these tough topics once they’re older and to build empathy for people who may not look the same. In order to be fully anti-racist, we have to be able to have these conversations, and the YDL is happy to help us navigate these tough topics.
For more information, visit the Ypsilanti District Library’s website here.