Zaycon Fresh at Grace Bible Church

. December 1, 2016.

Here is a new, convenient way to shop for meat: Zaycon Fresh is offering a new, convenient way to shop for meat. Consumers can purchase high-quality, local, fresh meat in bulk at cities throughout the U.S. including 19 cities in Southeast Michigan. “Zaycon Fresh set the standard for buying in bulk. Unless you own your own farm you aren’t going to get anything fresher,” says CEO Mike Conrad. Register online to see when Zaycon is holding an event in the area and then choose their purchase from the website. On the day of the event, Zaycon Fresh loads the meat, seafood, chicken, etc. direct from the plant onto a refrigerated truck that is driven directly to the event location for customers to pull up and have their purchase loaded directly into their cars. Zaycon says that customers can save 20 percent to 40 percent and also buy food that hasn’t been sitting in the grocery store for eight to 10 days in processing. Zaycon Fresh has events every month. Past events have been held at Grace Bible Church, 1300 S. Maple Rd.

Visit to see when the next events
will be held in Ann Arbor and surrounding cities.