Zollipops | A candy that’s good for your teeth

. August 1, 2017.

Sometimes it takes a kid’s point of view to teach the grownups what we ought to be doing better. That’s why 12-year-old Alina Morse created Zollipops— candy that’s actually good for your teeth. The Michigan native decided the world needed a better lollipop after a disappointing visit to her grocery store’s candy aisle and so she invented this gluten-free, GMO-free, natural sucker that contains healthy sugar alternatives and additives that work to raise the pH level of your mouth to prevent tooth decay. You can now find the flavorful pops at Kroger stores throughout Michigan. Zollipops donates a percentage of its profits to helping promote oral health education. Want to try one of the six fun flavors?

Visit zollipops.com for more information
about these sweet treats.