5 Ways to Tell that Spring is About to Spring Up at Us

spring time
Image courtesy of Donna Iadipaolo.

Everyone seems to be feeling that spring time is growing closer and closer every day. The official first day of spring 2021 is Saturday, March 20.  But many signs of spring now can be seen, heard, and felt right outside of our doors. Why not go for a walk with your family, with a friend, or even by yourself and observe the beautiful signs of spring that are upon us? The signs also surely signal greater hope and happier times are ahead as well!

Warmer Weather

An increase in temperatures is a welcome sign of spring. We can shed our heavy parkas, wool hats, heavy boots, and instead, feel free with more sun washing over our faces. Spring beckons us to frolic outdoors. The warmth allows us to partake in more of life, especially with the phenomenon of “spring fever” that many may experience during this time.

Sounds of Birds

Spring is one of the best times to see and hear birds. Many migrating birds are returning and are now out singing their unique songs. More woodpeckers seem to be out drumming as well. Ducks, geese, and swans are coming back to their bodies of newly melted water. Birds are now busy working to claim territory and attract mates. Enjoy the sounds of various birds during this time and see if you can identify their calls. Quintessentially a sign of spring is the first robin, and some believe you can even make a wish upon seeing the first one of the season.

Flowers and Plants Popping Up

More green is now appearing in the fields, gardens, and along our easement gardens. Ivy has taken on a brighter green hue. Tulip leaves have begun sprouting, meaning the blooms are not far behind. Certain flowers, like snowdrops, are now appearing in many spots. Some crocuses have been spotted, an early indication of the season. Along with the plants, we, too, are beginning to pop up and yearn to be more active after our winter slumber.

spring time
Image courtesy of Donna Iadipaolo.

Longer Days

This is a great time to share a little science lesson with your children or for yourself. Some people mistakenly believe that it gets warmer in the spring and summer because the earth is closer to the sun. It actually has more to do with the tilt of the earth. In the spring/summer, the Northern Hemisphere is facing more toward the sun, so the days are long and there is consequently more daylight and a greater concentration of sun. The angle of the sun is more perpendicular for us during the warmer seasons than in the fall/winter. It is actually the tilt of the Earth that is favoring the Northern Hemisphere.

Smell of Spring

The Earth seems to be breathing deeper in the spring. There is truth to the saying that “spring is in the air.” One can smell the moisture and waking soil about us. There almost seems to be an organic and sweet fragrance around. Every breath we take seems more precious in the spring. Fresh spring air awakens the senses.

Spring forward all!