Baby Time by AADL TV Helps Parents Keep Young Children Entertained

Baby Time by Ann Arbor District Library TV provides parents and caregivers of young children safe, fun stories and games!

baby time

Attention parents and caregivers of newborns and toddlers! Looking for new ways to incorporate some fun and learning exercises into the daily storytime routine? The Ann Arbor District Library (AADL) has the perfect resource just for you.

Last year, the AADL stopped in-person storytime. As a result, the AADL came up with a creative way to reach new parents and babies.

“We started to offer Baby Time on AADL TV last summer,” said Sherlonya Turner, Associate Director of Public Experience and Desk Service. “When we were closed for browsing and events due to the pandemic, we wanted to resume offering an ongoing program for our youngest users and their caregivers.”

Baby Time TV by the AADL

AADL has been producing these interactive online sessions that are geared towards children ages newborn to two years old. These shows work as a way for viewers at home who are looking for ways to enrich their playtime with babies in a safe environment. Each week, a variety of readers will tell new stories. Instructors help parents and caregivers with sensory activities, finger play, baby bounces, and songs. Banjo Betsy Beckerman provides musical sing-alongs.

“Someone watching Baby Time can expect to hear songs, rhymes, and other short, fun activities to do with a baby,” Turner said. “The idea here is to help caregivers find something that has been specifically put together with babies in mind in a short, digestible format.”

Turner noted that these episodes can easily fit into a busy caregiver’s schedule. They also appeal to the shorter attention spans of young children.

Before the pandemic, AADL offered a Baby Playgroup. Here caregivers and babies could come together for open playtime, stories, and songs. Currently, the library is offering weekly outdoor storytimes at the Downtown library and the Westgate Branch locations. They hope to resume indoor playgroups in the future.

“We are currently assessing how we will transition back to in-person events and how AADL will work with these,” Turner said. “However, we see Baby Time being available for viewers for a good long while, whether we repost previous sessions or create new ones. In the immediate future, we will be producing new Baby Times through the end of August.”

AADL Indoor Programing

When it is safe to meet again, the library will resume its indoor programming.

“Once we resume onsite indoor events, our Preschool Storytimes and our Baby Playgroups will be the first programs that we offer! We’re hoping to offer them again in the fall and are very excited to do so.”

For more information on Baby Time, visit the AADL website.