The Glenlore Trails Expedition Immerses Families in Unique Sensory Experience

Follow the illuminated trail and exciting narrative at Glenlore Trails.

The mysterious trails of Glenlore have opened for the season. Until September 12, you can bring your family to explore the luminous wonders throughout this magical forest in Commerce Township. 

Glenlore Trails is more than just an illuminated forest as the expedition transforms attendees into curious explorers in search of the lost scientists. 

The Glenlore Trails Experience 

It takes about an hour to complete the full one-mile trek. Various projections and interactive elements keep walkers occupied and engaged during the experience. There are stationed workers at concessions and other stops, but for the most part, this is a self-guided experience. 

Drinks, trail snacks, and merchandise are available at the beginning and in the middle of the trail. Beer, wine, seltzers, and cocktails are available for adults but there are also plenty of refreshments for children. 

In addition to souvenir shirts, you can purchase LED necklaces, thundersticks, light-up mohawks, and other glow accessories that will help light up your little ones when they are on the trails. 

Glenlore Trails
The trail is lit up with unique lights varying in size, color, and design. Image courtesy of Mary Racette.

Exciting Narrative 

As walkers explore the trails, they are led to follow a narrative about a group of scientists who find themselves lost in another dimension. 

The storyline develops multiple fictional characters including Dr. Alexa Lifeson, Dr. Nyla Peart, and the intern Gerald Lee. Explanations on monitors and projected holograms carry the story, allowing you to get to know the characters and the forest. 

The mile-long trail is divided into different sections, each marked by a monitor with a written description. The Fluorescent Flowers welcome newcomers into the forest as they are introduced to the lights and attractions within the forest. Following this section are the Whispering Woods, Webs of Light, The Radiant Field, Luminous Symphony, and more. The full map can be found on the Glenlore Trails website

The narrative connects each section to the characters and the forest they are in. As you are enjoying the sensory experience that is Glenlore Trails, you are encouraged to engage in the storyline and think about where the lost scientists may be found. 

Interactive attractions

The sounds and sights of Glenlore Trails create a multi-sensory experience. Children and adults alike will feel all-encompassed by the mystical happenings throughout the forest.

The visual experience is the most dominant aspect of the event, but the auditory elements contribute to the illusion of being pulled into a different dimension. 

Each section of the trail has a unique sound that correlates with its theme or the main attraction. For example, frogs croaking are played throughout the Froggy Bog and light whispers can be heard in the Whispering Woods. 

Some of the light displays rely on motion sensors, personalizing this magical experience.  Interactive attractions are referred to as “unusual research applications.” The Exhubiphone is a display that interacts with sound as you speak into a horn that controls how a pillar lights up. 

Innovative Design at Glenlore Trails

The Glenlore Trails Expedition comes to the grounds of the Multi-Lakes Conservation Association by Bluewater Technologies. This format was designed to accommodate COVID-19 regulations and give people a safe night out.

Safety is a priority for the creators of Glenlore Trails. This outside event uses technology that does not require touching surfaces. Instead, the trails utilizing sound, light, and movement. This makes for a safe, socially distant event for everyone to enjoy.

3860 Newton Rd., Commerce Charter Twp.

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