Coney Island

. September 30, 2013.

The creators of the original Coney Island hot dogs (that’s a natural-casing beef hot dog, topped with an all-meat beanless chili, and diced or chopped white onions, with one or two stripes of yellow mustard) have been an institution for 97 years.

They have since expanded their long-held tradition of providing baked goods, delicious breakfasts, catering and the greatest Coney Dog tradition to locations in Canton, the Detroit Zoo and even Las Vegas.

While other restaurants and businesses are shrinking, American Coney Island continues to expand and innovate. They are now offering a tailgating special that includes an inventive “cooler” that keeps your mouth-watering Coney dogs hot and fresh.

At Coney Island’s Canton location, owner John Taube is appealing to families and sports fans with a new special perfect for tailgaters. For only $30, you can buy a cooler filled with 15 original Coney Island hot dogs. The best part: after you’ve devoured all those delicious dogs, you get to keep the cooler! Bring it back for a hot dog refill ($30) or use it during your next family fun outing.

Coney Island Canton
44532 Michigan Ave.
Canton, MI 734-895-7296