Ann Arbor Aviary

. September 30, 2013.

Have you ever wanted to be a member of Cirque du Soleil without having to give up your day job? Now you can experience firsthand the thrill of flying through the air with the greatest of ease while testing—and expanding­—the limits of your body at Ann Arbor Aviary.

This gym offers classes in aerial silks, static trapeze, lyra and conditioning, along with open gym hours to hone those skills.

Maybe you are looking for a gym workout that is more about skill and less about repetitive exercise. Maybe you want to take a gymnastics class where you won’t be twice the height of your classmates. Or maybe you just want to feel like a superhero.

Then again, maybe you just want to have fun. Well, Ann Arbor Aviary also offers classes in acro-balance, hula-hoop, yoga, hand balance, bellydance, barre conditioning and more.

You will have experienced trainers guiding you along your path. Trainer Veronica Callan has past experience as a yoga/Pilates instructor, mother, medical student, realtor and genetics researcher. Another featured trainer is Chantal Dixon who has used veils, swords and snakes in her exotic performances. If all that sounds scary, fear not. It just means that they know what it means to fully get the most out of your body without hurting it.

The Aviary. 4720 S. State Rd. 734-726-0353.