Food Fight: Grateful Crow

New Restaurant in Chelsea Provides Great Food with a Fun Ambiance

By Donna Iadipaolo

The Grateful Crow is worth the drive for a great meal, fun dining, and a complete sensory experience.

We recently had our first meal at The Grateful Crow and spoke with Suzei Povlich, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Jason.

The Crow first opened on October 20, 2020, during the height of Covid, and is now thriving, as a great neighborhood spot for sushi and burgers.

The name, while perplexing, has interesting roots. “We chose the name, The Grateful Crow, from our two favorite bands, the Grateful Dead and the Black Crowes,” according to Povlich.  It is evident that the proprietors like music, as we enjoyed some great classic rock, Motown, and more modern sounds while we dined.

The couple also describe themselves as family-friendly, and it was nice to see many families, with children of different ages, enjoying a meal together. The restaurant’s seating is well thought out, almost like a black-box theatre/community space, which actually made me think of its neighbor, the Jeff Daniel’s Purple Rose Theatre. “We have many families that come in to enjoy a meal with children of all ages,” she added.  “The murals and double crow sculpture create a fun atmosphere for kids, letting their eyes explore our unique space.”  Two television screens above the bar screen time classic films like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Casablanca,” which added more depth to the ambiance.

The sea bass is exceptionally presented with delicious taste as well. Photo by Donna Iadipaolo.

And the food is wonderful as well. According to Povlich, many favorites on the menu that get people very excited. “People rave about our soups and scallops,” Povlich ecplained. “We unapologetically have the best sushi in the area, pristinely prepared cocktails, and our Hawaiian bread pudding is an experience all of its own.”

We tried a scallop appetizer and can confirm they were delicious and perfectly cooked. We also tried the  “Main Street” sushi roll with crab and avocado, topped with fresh salmon and spicy orange sauce. It tasted extremely fresh with an amazing blend of flavors.

The Crow is becoming well-known for their burgers. We sampled the “Hard to Handle”, a half-pound  burger patty, crispy parmesan chicken, braised pork belly, Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce and coleslaw, all on a brioche bun. With so many flavors all in one bite, it is a real treat.

We also enjoyed a few fish selections that are fully cooked. The crispy salmon was nicely done, accompanied by fingerling potatoes, asparagus, and a delicate cilantro-lime butter sauce. The Chilean sea bass, prepared with spring onion mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, wilted spinach, and a beurre blanc.

The service was excellent as our waiter had an intuitive sense of timing with inquiries and while serving our drinks, appetizers and meals. “We brought in the best of the best to create our menu and train our staff in every detail to provide our customers with the most enjoyable eating experience possible,” stated Povlich.

Each member of your dining party can get exactly what they want from the menu offerings which including some healthier choices. According to Povlich, “Many of our menu items are very healthy: omega dense sushi, gut nourishing miso soup, and ultra-fresh veggie-packed salads,” she said.  “I recommend our hearty farro salad as a great nutrient-packed option as well as our watermelon napoleon. Grilled chicken breasts can be substituted for all of our beef burgers, for a leaner meat option. We have gluten-free buns for those with gluten allergies and vegan burger options as well.”

And while there is not a menu specifically for children, many of the items are appropriate for any age. The restaurant and bathrooms are very clean and there is plenty of art to keep the attention of children and for them to interact with, as well.

“Aside from our unique ambiance and decor, serving top-notch quality food and maintaining a happy staff and great customer service are our top priorities,” Suzei divulged.  “You can come into our restaurant straight from work or dress your best for a special occasion and, either way, feel right at home.”

The Grateful Crow  420 N Main St, Chelsea, MI  w

Hours: Closed Monday / Tuesday-Saturday  11:30am – 10pm / Sunday 11:30am – 9pm