Food Fight: Weber’s Restaurant

Need something new to try out? Weber's Restaurant is decently kid-friendly and always delicious. Be sure to pick up some London Broil!

Webers Restaurant
Image courtesy of Weber’s Restaurant.

Weber’s Restaurant has a unique local family history. We interviewed Michael Weber, the Vice President of Webers for the past ten years, and also asked for feedback about dishes that families enjoy. 

“It is still family-owned and operated, now by third-generation grandsons: Michael and Brian Weber,” according to Michael Weber. 

Weber’s Restaurant in Ann Arbor

Michael’s grandfather, Herman Weber, founded the original Weber’s in 1937, and his father ran the company for 40 years. Michael and other family members grew up working there and are carrying on the family tradition. The entire family has historically taken great pride in serving the community and continues to do so today.

However, during COVID, Weber’s has made some changes to accommodate the circumstances.

“We increased the outdoor dining last summer, started offering a grocery service, did an outdoor drive-in movie night, offered a room and room service carry-out package.”

And the customers and community have responded favorably. As with many restaurants, these have been challenging times, people have also been going out of their way to continue patronage of Weber’s. 

“Business has been down significantly, but we are grateful for the support from our clientele and community,” described Weber. Weber’s is currently working on revamping their online ordering system, but as of now, you’ll need to call to place a carryout order.

They have always been a family-friendly venue as well. “We are a great spot for families to celebrate special events,” Weber added. “We are not specifically geared towards children, but kids are wowed by the stained glass windows and live piano player.”

The restaurant also has a beautiful atmosphere and ambiance with cathedral-like ceilings and an open-design main dining area. Beautiful art and sometimes live piano playing are unique treats as well.

But the food is also a hit for many. Children reportedly adore the kid’s burger and prime rib. Weber says that the restaurant is known to please most because of “a classic and inviting atmosphere with consistently great food and service.”

Carry-Out Options

Weber's Restaurant
Image courtesy of Weber’s Restaurant.

Weber’s is also connected to a hotel, with a pool included on the grounds. “Many people love having a “staycation” in our hotel and enjoying a great meal in the restaurant or having room service delivery.” 

Signature items are prime rib, filet mignon, roast duck, salmon, and lobster. They also offer vegan and gluten-free dishes. “We always accommodate special dietary restrictions,” Weber adds.

Due to the surge of recent COVID cases and Governor Whitmer’s recommendations for people to use carryout or eat outdoors, fewer people are eating inside the restaurant these days, but they are still enjoying the safe options.

“We are doing more carryout now, and I can imagine that outdoor dining will be very popular once the weather warms up.”

The menu has a great variety of fancy to more everyday selections. Weber’s meat dishes are prepared well, and their London Broil is a popular choice for young and old alike. A nice surprise is how well they do salads. For instance, their house salad is one-of-a-kind with field greens, cranberries, and a unique raspberry vinaigrette. Meanwhile, their kale salad is prepared with an original flair.

Kids might choose to opt for their burger or Rueben Sandwich, or a scrumptious kid’s prime rib from the children’s menu. Ample healthier options are available for children such as grilled chicken, veggies, and fruit. 

Whatever one chooses — be it carry-out or outdoor dining — and their wide array of delectable selections, Weber’s will surely please. 

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: They are very friendly to kids.
Kids’ menu: There is a good kids’ menu available.
Anything healthy for kids: Chicken and fruit.
Food allergy concerns: Will accommodate allergies, ask a waiter.
To Avoid the Wait: Call ahead for outdoor reservations.

3050 Jackson Ave., Ann Arbor. 734-665-3636. Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 8am-2pm & 4-8pm; Friday & Saturday: 8am-2pm & 4-8:45pm