Washtenaw County Moms Recommend Innovative Baby Products

Mother knows best, and when it comes to baby gadgets, moms know what work best for their family. 

The vast array of available baby and parent-friendly products that may or may not live up to their claims can be overwhelming. Fortunately, feedback from other new parents who have used these gadgets can provide valuable insights and ease any concerns.

Kirsten Areddy and Colleen Allen, moms from Washtenaw County, provide some helpful guidance on some of the latest baby products they have found to be most useful.


Photo provided by Kirsten Areddy.

Cradlewise claims to be “the world’s smartest crib,” and based on Areddy’s review, it certainly seems to live up to that reputation.

This innovative crib soothes baby with gentle bouncing motions based on learned sleep patterns and includes a built-in live video and audio baby monitor, providing parents with peace of mind. 

“We have been so impressed with all the functionality of this smart crib,” Areddy said. “It reduced the list of items we had to purchase as many high ticket items are already built into the crib. Our baby loves it and we are no doubt getting both better sleep and better insights into our baby’s sleep patterns.” 

Yogasleep Hushh White Noise Machine

Yogasleep, renowned sleep experts, design products that revolve around the “transformative power of restful sleep.” They are so confident in their effectiveness that they offer a 30-day return period. Interestingly, the design of their first product even incorporated a family dog dish.

Even before becoming a parent, Allen heard glowing reviews about the Hushh White Noise Machine and started using it day one.

“I brought the portable sound machine to the hospital as recommended by friends,” Allen said. “As soon as I turned the sound machine on my newborn baby closed her eyes and fell asleep. 9 months later we are still using the sound machine for naps and at night.” 

Areddy also stands behind this machine, describing it as a “super compact sound machine that’s great for car rides, travel and running errands. Our baby loves it and [it] puts her right to sleep.” 

Jolly Jumper

Promoted as “more than just a jumper,” this Jolly Jumper is a baby exerciser that will have your baby bouncing and bopping around in no time.

It claims to improve balance, develop rhythm, enhance coordination, and strengthen muscles. Its “scientifically designed saddle” offers superior back support and promotes ease of natural breathing. And installing it is a breeze since it simply hangs in a doorway. 

Allen received the Jolly Jumper as a gift when her baby was 3.5 months old, and her baby immediately fell in love with it.

“We would put her in the Jolly Jumper to get a few minutes to eat dinner every night,” Allen said. 

Doona Car Seat and Stroller

Photo provided by Kirsten Areddy.

Doona’s revolutionary car seat and stroller seamlessly transforms from a car seat to a stroller. It’s perfect for busy moms who are constantly on-the-go. Nobody wants to wake a sleeping baby! So, whether out simply running some errands or traveling the world, baby can easily be moved in and out of vehicles – whether that be planes, trains, or automobiles – in mere seconds without any disturbance. 

“[I] love not having to carry a car seat when out and about or having to connect it to a separate stroller,” Areddy said. “[It] makes errands so much easier and saves my back from carrying her around in the car seat.”

These innovative baby products make one wonder what the future holds in terms of design and functionality. Maybe self-driving strollers connected to Mom by Bluetooth? Only time will tell.

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