A perfect smile

. January 31, 2013.

Appearance at any age is important, because when you look good, you feel good. University Orthodontics has recently brought their homey, neighborhood orthodontic services to Ann Arbor. With a state-of-the-art facility currently undergoing enhancement, University Orthodontics is updating their Victorian-style office to be all digital, even using a fingerprint scan as check-in allowing instantaneous attention for every patient. Drs. Berkman and Haerian are both U of M faculty members, and try to treat patients in harmony with nature. Both explained braces and orthodontics work have made vast advancements, even in the past ten years. Lingual braces, braces that secure to the back of the teeth, are one means of technological advancement, but Drs. Berkman and Haerian stressed more comfortable treatment, in less time, is their office’s goal for each and every patient. “Although every patient varies, many, cases can be completed in a year to year and a half,” said Dr. Berkman. “And it’s never too late to enhance a smile. some people think adult cases are more difficult to treat, but they’re often simpler and much quicker.” Drs. Berkman and Haerian are making changes in Ann Arbor, one smile at a time.

214 W. Michigan Ave., Saline. 734-429-5433.