A2 Therapy Works

. July 31, 2015.

Ann Arbor has a new multidisciplinary center and there isn’t really another one like it. The center A2 Therapy Works is a center for speech, occupational, physical and reading therapy, and it covers just about everything. The experts work with clients on fine motor skills — handwriting, scissor use, dressing and eating skills — as well as gross motor skills — sports injury and prevention scoliosis, sports conditioning, and growth spurts. Speech and language is also covered, with an emphasis on social skills, language delay, articulation, picky eaters, autism, vocal nodules, auditory processing and ADHD. Last but not least, tutoring! This includes advanced math tutoring, remedial tutoring, catching up programs, and dyslexia help.

3200 W. Liberty Rd. 734-780-7852. a2therapyworks.com