Ann Arbor YMCA takes a step toward a better community

. December 2, 2013.

The Ann Arbor YMCA has been chosen to participate in two pilot programs in early 2014. The first, Child Safety Initiative, will test new and existing abuse prevention services. By reviewing eight organizational operations, this initiative will provide opportunities to decrease the risk of child abuse by employees, volunteers, or other program participants. The Ann Arbor YMCA is one of 50 YMCAs chosen to pilot this program. Based on the findings of the Y’s participating in this pilot program, Y-USA will launch a Child Safety initiative in the third quarter of 2014. The second program, Day Camp Project Development Institute, will explore how to successfully implement new in-house, ten-week day camp programs that run each summer at the YMCA. The Ann Arbor YMCA was one of eight Y’s selected (out of 2,700 nationwide) to participate in this pilot program.