Ask a Doula!

. March 2, 2015.

A lot of questions come with the decision to have a baby. While a family doctor can provide many answers, sometimes it’s helpful to have a second opinion. Whether you have made the big decision, or are just considering the idea— now’s your chance to inquire about all of your fears and curiosities with Sarah Nuxoll, an experienced Doula.

“If it’s your first baby, the whole process of pregnancy and birth can feel like a huge unknown, and it’s pretty overwhelming. Or maybe you’re checking out different options because a previous birth didn’t go as you had hoped,” Nuxoll said. “Wherever you’re coming from, finding the options and support systems that help you feel the most relaxed and confident is a huge leap toward a positive birth experience.”

Doulas are usually trained in holistic childbirth, have performed deliveries, and are well versed in varying topics surrounding pregnancy. Learn about issues ranging from birthing options, to preparation of a birth, coping with postpartum, and effective self-care tools.

7-8:30pm, Wednesday, March 18. $5-$10 donation. Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tearoom, 
114 S. Main St. 734-709-3145.