Bodies Revealed

. January 24, 2013.

Take your children on a journey of discovery through the endlessly fascinating world inside themselves, as Imagination Station presents Bodies Revealed. The acclaimed exhibit, created by Atlanta’s Premiere Exhibitions, Inc., displays 10 completely preserved human bodies and over 150 preserved organs. A unique polymer preservation process keeps the bodies from decay and allows them to be studied indefinitely. Visitors can see — in a way no model could show — the fantastic and miraculous complexity of human machinery that keeps us all alive. It’s a new way to understand what it means to be human, and an eye-opening experience for children and adults alike.

Bodies Revealed is open May 21-September 18. $18 adults, $14 kids 12 and under, $16 seniors, $6 members. Cost includes Imagination Station general admission. 1 Discovery Way. 419-244-2674.