Brighton Sky Zone Coming Soon!

. August 31, 2015.

Coming soon to Brighton is the newest sensation for fun and fitness. Sky Zone is the world’s first indoor trampoline park. They give an awesome workout while providing a fun atmosphere. Sky Zone is healthy because you are burning calories with every jump. You experience the freedom of jumping while helping get your body in better shape. It also gives that great feeling of accomplishment you get from an hour of wall to wall fun. Burn calories by jumping, flipping, and landing in a pit of soft foam cubes!

Aside from all the fun, the health benefits from a day at Sky Zone is well worth the trip. Trampoline bouncing is helps with blood circulation, heart health, flexibility, balance and coordination, and muscle building. Bouncing has even been shown to promote good mental health and aiding those with autism.    

As a healthier option for group events that usually would include playing arcade games and smashing on pizza, Sky Zone offers a place to host birthday parties or other celebrations where kids can put their energy to good use. Additionally, they offer various activities and programs for children of all ages to participate in, such as open bouncing, dodgeball (on trampolines of course), toddler time and camps.  For those who are a little older, but still a kid at heart, other activities like Sky Aerobics and Sky Jam (sports with a trampoline twist) are also available.

8151 Movie Dr., Brighton.