Bringing dance to everyone

Introduce your family to a timeless art form, and maybe instill a lifelong love of dance, as the renowned Aspen Santa Fe Ballet appears at the Power Center this October. Kids who might believe that ballet is stuffy or boring will have their eyes opened by this cutting-edge troupe that blends European style with a modern American sensibility. It's sure to be both eye-popping and moving, and a chance for both parents and children to gain new appreciation of the beauty and possibility in human movement. The best part? The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet will be presenting a special family-friendly performance on a Sunday afternoon, so bedtimes won't be an issue. The show will be an adaptation of the full program performed at the evening shows, but shortened to one hour for young attention spans and priced for family budgets.

$12 adults, $8 children. Sunday, October 7, 2pm. 121 Fletcher St. 734-764-2538.