Capricorn KIDS

. December 20, 2012.

They come into the world wide-eyed and calm. They love to be touched and express their feelings openly. As toddlers, they walk around looking really smart, sometimes making you feel they know more than you do. They are curious and eager to be helpful, especially to older people. In school they are the teacher’s pet and often tell their classmates and friends how to behave. They make sure they have your attention by touching you and looking you straight in the eye. Then they talk, talk, and talk some more.

This time of year they enjoy traditional activities such as handling antique decorations and attending family gatherings. They love clocks and watches and anything that makes a ticking noise. They are climbers and like to be on the top of the couch looking down at everyone else in the room. They enjoy helping you plan menus and going with you to grocery shop. Give them responsibilities! They will thrive.