Challenge Island

. November 2, 2014.

This fall, Ann Arbor kids have a new, fun opportunity to face challenges in order to build cognitive and creative muscles. Challenge Island is an education and enrichment program for children six years and older that promotes critical thinking in a team environment. The program divides kids into “tribes” and they are then faced with thematic challenges. The children work together to accomplish a shared goal based on the idea of cooperative learning. “I’m thrilled to have brought the first Challenge Island business to the state of Michigan and feel it’s a perfect complement to my other business,” said Lori Stevens, owner of Challenge Island and Bricks 4 Kidz. “With exciting islands such as Shark Tooth Island, Volcano Island, Amusement Park Island and more, the new Challenge Island program doesn’t just entertain children but gives parents a new way to empower them to think outside of box and flex their cognitive and creative muscles.”

Ann Arbor Challenge Island opened July 1 at Saint Clare’s Episcopal Church, 2309 Packard St. 517-974-2733.