Counselors who care

. January 8, 2013.

Anyone can struggle with the gap between the life they have and the life they’re striving for. Kerrytown’s Creative Mind Counseling has a way to help children and families find a path that works for them. Every
age group has particular needs in order to feel safe and confident, and Creative Mind’s counselors have a range of techniques to fit each individual. Young children, for example, may not have the language skills they
need to truly communicate what they’re feeling. Counselors can use play therapy to help children bring out emotions they may not know how to express. Adolescents, in a turbulent emotional time, may respond to traditional talk therapy, journaling, or even art-therapy techniques like mask-making. Through it all, clients are allowed to proceed at their own pace, with an emphasis on developing their own perspective on life, rather than imposing the counselor’s.

Families in need have a safe place to turn. 101 E. Kingsley. 734-956-0051.