Down on the farm

. April 29, 2013.

Harvesting eggs, stacking firewood, canning tomatoes, making cheese: In a working farm, “working” is the key word. “When I grew up, everyone knew somebody who directly farmed,” says Ruth Ehman, proprietor of Firesign Farm. “But many families now are so removed from the experience. Our farm isn’t a tourist farm; the Hands On program is kind of like going to Grandma’s farm and just helping out for the day.” Families can set their own agenda at Fireside, and can arrange to visit for anywhere from an hour to spending the night, waking up at 5 a.m., and helping with all the farm chores, including milking. Ruth makes her own cheese, both hard and soft varieties, and grows her own vegetables. In June, there will be hay to cut, pastures to tend to, and fences to mend. In fact, throughout the summer and fall, there are activities from the crack of dawn until the sun goes down. But it’s not all sweat and muscle. “The farm is a beautiful place,” says Ruth. “We take plenty of time to stop and smell the roses — literally — every day.” Firesign Family Farm, 7500 Trotters Lane, Whitmore Lake. See the website for booking details and pricing:, or call 734-449-0247.