February 2016 Family Favs

. January 31, 2016.

Michigan Mittens

The best and most fashionable way to show off your Michigan-pride! Hand-cut and sewn by a family-owned sewing company,  Michigan Mittens feature beautiful hand-drawn maps of the upper and lower Peninsula. Other Michigan-themed products are available, and new 2016 colors include “Grape Lakes,” and “Black Bear.” 

Jungle Jumparoo 

There’s a way to have fun bouncing around without worrying about the dangers of a trampoline. This indoor-outdoor jungle gym comes in regular and miniature versions, and handholds create a safe way for the whole family to catch some air and get some exercise at the same time. 
$249/miniature version, $399/regular | thegrommet.com

Pkolino Book Buggee

Help make reading a part of your child’s life with the school bus book buggee. Kids can bond with their books by selecting titles and placing them in the easy to drag-along buggee. For ages 3 and up. 
$39.99 | elephantearsonline.com