Finding Meaning in Tragedy

. June 24, 2015.

The embodiment of a haunting history visited Ann Arbor’s St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School when Eva Mozes Kor came to tell her story to sixth-grade students, but the final lesson was one of forgiveness. Kor’s autobiography was part of teacher Sue Waldecker’s curriculum, and it told Kor’s story of when she and her twin sister were sent to Auschwitz, and subsequently were a part of Dr. Joseph Mengele’s horrific experiments. Kor was the same age as the students’ when she was taken to the concentration camp, so while the story is very sad,  it is also very a powerful one. “When the students came into the classroom and saw her sitting there, they had a look of awe I’ll never forget. Here’s the physical representation that they had learned about sitting right in front of them,” Waldecker said. Kor advocated for forgiveness, announcing to the class that she forgave the Nazis, as a way to take control of her own life. “The students really identified with that message,” Waldecker said. “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me as a teacher.”