Fly Guy and Other Stories

. April 29, 2015.

A NYC children’s theater troupe, Theatreworks USA,  is renowned for it’s musical adaptations of classic and contemporary children’s books. Stories like Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl, Diary of a Worm and Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig will come to life, and dance around the stage in a celebration of characters! Unfamiliar with those stories? How about Horace & Morris But Mostly Dolores, Kitten’s First Full Moon, Lilly’s Big Day or Paper Bag Princess? A large assortment of stories will be included,  keeping children engaged and entertained. It’s fun for the whole family too, not just the little ones. Parents or guardians will most likely catch a few feels, and laugh at the silliness that ensues on stage (it’s hard not to). Don’t miss it! The presentation is for Kids K-4.

1:30pm., Michigan Theater, 603 E. Liberty St.  $12 (MTF members, $10).
(800) 745-3000.