The Gun Debate

. April 29, 2015.

What do you think makes our children safer: allowing guns to be carried in schools by people who are trained, or banning guns altogether? Both sides of the debate want to change the weapon regulations in schools.

The anti-gun side wants all guns to be banned from school, saying guns are disruptive to school environments, where learning should be the focus. Gun enthusiasts say that it’s the lockdowns by the administrations that cause disruptions. 

“Allowing guns in schools make sense. The reason that we have seen so many tragic school shootings is that laws across the nation have made schools mass murder zones,” Joshua Wade said at an Ann Arbor School Board meeting. Wade carried a gun into Pioneer High school on March 25 in support of the ability to carry guns in schools, according to

It has been a heated debate, with both sides presenting arguments at the School Board meetings. The Ann Arbor Public School Board of Education unanimously voted to ban dangerous weapons, including guns, from school buildings and property on Wednesday, April 15.