Fresh-from-the-farm food for your bambino

. October 23, 2012.

When Cathy Lennington’s son was two and a half, she first fed him store bought baby food. It didn’t go over too well. He’d been feasting on mama’s homemade purees and was not impressed by the bland supermarket options. So Lennington went back to making fresh blends.

“There wasn’t anything out there for parents who wanted to feed their kids homemade food, but didn’t have the time to make it,” Lennington says. She met business partner Teri Benedetti at the Grange Kitchen, and together they started the Yay Food business.

Seasonal purees are made using market fresh produce. A popular blend is kale, carrots, sweet potatoes, leeks and garlic. “I like a lot of kale and can add extra to my blends — it’s a good way to get lots of vegetables in your child’s food,” Lennington says.

They use mostly organic produce and limit allergens. “I only put things in my blends that I would feed my son. It’s important to us to make sure it’s fresh, safe and delicious,” Lennington says.
Yay Food! offers a variety of fresh blends, custom orders and free delivery to Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. They’re freezing produce for the winter season and hope to soon offer meats and expand into adult food for those with special dietary needs.

Wednesdays 4:30-8:30pm, Saturdays 7am-3pm. Ann Arbor Farmers Market, 315 Detroit St. 734-661-2599.