Get Outdoors in the Junior Naturalist Program

. June 30, 2016.

Kids today aren’t just interested in video games and reality television; chances are, they’re just itching to get outdoors. A good place for young explorers to start is the Junior Naturalist Program from Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation. Two one-day programs run in July: In “Wilderness Survival” kids learn about important outdoor survival techniques, including how to build a shelter; and in “Wildly Refreshing!” children will learn about the kinds of drinks settlers and frontiersmen had on the dusty trail. Programs are for children aged 7-12. Registration is required.

Wilderness Survival takes place Saturday, July 9 | 10:30am
Independence Lake | 3200 Jennings Rd. | Whitmore Lake
734-971-6355 | | Free

Wildly Refreshing takes place Saturday, July 23 | 10:30am
Parker Mill | 4650 Geddes Rd.