Going Bananas for People’s Food Co-Op

Attention anyone 12 years of age or younger: Become a Co+op Explorer and get an official Co+op Explorer card and a free organic banana every time you visit the grocery store. On your next shopping trip with mom/dad, ask the cashier and they will help get you signed up. Once you have become a Co+op Explorer and gotten your card, you can pick up an Explorer sticker every time you shop. Then you will be able to pick a banana and enjoy it while shopping the Co+op aisles. Expect a smile from the cashier once they see your sticker! And remember, bananas are very good for you and will help you grow. Mom and dad will be proud of all the bananas their monkeys, or, kids, are eating!

People’s Food Co-Op. 216 N. 4th Ave., Ann Arbor. 734-994-9174.