. January 30, 2015.

Thanks to new legislation passed in December, registration for this coming fall semester will be a lot easier for Ann Arbor Public Schools, with the option of online registration replacing pen and paper. Taking a full stride into the conveniences of technology, AAPS will use an online system to register students. InfoSnap is the name of the registration system, and it is user friendly. Andy Thomas, the AAPS Board of Education Secretary said that this new registration program will eliminate the loss of forms due to human error, and do away with repetitive form filings. 

“Once a student has been registered, registration in subsequent years will be much simpler, as it will be necessary only to update information that has changed.  It will facilitate transitions between schools as the information will be on a single database rather than housed at each individual school,“ Thomas said. 

Some of the problems with this new system are that some families don’t have ready access to the internet, but Thomas said those families will receive accommodations.