July 2016 Family Favorites

. June 30, 2016.

Twilight Ladybug

Children can sleep under the open sky right from their bedroom with the Twilight Ladybug. Comes with three color options and a star guide, so parents and children can find major constellations. 

$33.95 | myurbantoddler.com


Learning Tower

A non-tip and four-sided design build means children can climb and start seeing  from a whole different perspective with a feeling of security. Works well for children that need to work above the table for crafts, family activities and even dinner-time. Comes in seven different color options. 

$199.99 | thelittleseedling.com


My First Telescope

Built for star-filled summer nights, this telescope starter-kit is perfect for 4 and up. Comes with a 10x magnification viewer, simple set-up, and no focusing required.

 $19.99 | learningexpress.com