Fairytale Baked Goods

. June 30, 2016.

While on vacation in Traverse City, Jen Gossett, an avid lifelong baker, tasted her first scone, a dry, crusty, unimpressive lump of dough, and challenged herself to create a tastier version by tweaking existing recipes. She soon perfected a biscuit-like scone she describes as, “soft, moist, and full of flavor.”  After encouragement from friends and family, Fairytale Baked Goods was born.

True to her word, Gossett’s blend of flour, eggs, butter and baking powder, along with some creative additions, resulted in a unique treat that ranges from sweet to savory. Her sweet flavor combinations can be fruity, such as the Dancing Princess (strawberry-almond) and the Blue Fairy (blueberry-cinnamon), or reminiscent of candy and cookies, like the Somewhere Over the Rainbow (rainbow sprinkles, mini-chocolate chips, vanilla).

Savory varieties, on the other hand, usually include cheese, vegetables, and herbs. The Billy Goat (goat cheese, caramelized onion, and rosemary) is an excellent example.  For those torn between sweet and savory, Jen is experimenting with fruit and cheese combinations that should be available shortly.

Fairytale Baked Goods are available at the Downtown Ypsilanti Farmer’s Market on the first and third Tuesday of the month, Beezy’s, Crazy Wisdom and Milan Coffee Works.  For wholesale orders, Jen offers a “house scone” option, an exclusive recipe customized to meet the customer’s specific needs.  She recently developed a breakfast burrito scone, named the Chupacabra, for her newest account at Milan Coffee Works. It features seasoned potatoes, red and green peppers, onions, spicy salsa, cheddar cheese, cumin and chili powder. She incorporates local ingredients from fellow Farmer’s Market vendors whenever possible.

Jen hopes to open her own storefront one day, a place to serve her loyal customers popular standbys as well as new inventions, such as sconewiches and sconetons (scone croutons).  

“My business would not be anywhere without my customers,” she says.  Their requests help her develop new products and flavors, and she truly appreciates the positive response from the community.  

Quality scones are no longer a fairy tale—they’re found at Fairytale Baked Goods.