Learning in a new world

. July 16, 2013.

Students today lead more cluttered and hectic lives than ever—between crowded class schedules, extracurricular activities, and busy social lives, teens can struggle to meet the academic requirements they need to get and stay ahead. The Ann Arbor Public Schools is making things easier, by offering an expanding array of online courses, which allow students to work on their own time and at their own pace. In the current academic year, according to the district, more than 650 students are enrolled in online courses in a variety of subjects, including health, government, and mathematics. Online classes have been offered since 2001. Initially, Ann Arbor schools used the state’s Michigan Virtual High School system. In recent years, however, the district has scaled back its reliance on MVHS, and has used in-house programs administered by its own teachers. This allows greater fl exibility and lowers costs. A community is only as good as its schools, but for many students, the traditional classroom only goes so far. The Ann Arbor Schools are doing their part to ensure that our children meet the challenge of a new digital world. www.a2schools.org