Long strides in family fitness


Moms get fit while using their children’s strollers.Stroller Strides, an innovative health fitness business with a franchise in Ann Arbor, is now under the new ownership of Taryn Gal. Promoting physical and emotional well-being for moms and families, Stroller Strides is a perfect exercise program for new moms and moms of young children.
The classes provide 60 minutes of social networking and fitness. Think of a lively, full-body workout revolving around kids in their strollers. 

When Gal’s son was born, she didn’t want to drop him off at a child care center at a gym while she went to work out. Stroller Strides seemed to be the perfect choice. She identified with Lisa Druxman, Stroller Strides founder and leader in fi tness and advocacy for women, who created the business for the very same reason.

“I wanted to feel healthy, connect with other moms, be a good role model and get a good workout,” says Gal. 

Stroller Strides instructors are all fully certifi ed by the American Council on Exercise and are trained in CPR for adults, children and infants. Classes are designed for people of all fi tness levels and children ages 6 weeks to 4 years. Children accompany their mothers in strollers, enjoying songs and
creative drills while their mothers work out.

During the winter, classes take place at the Briarwood Mall before stores open. Participants use built-in features such as ledges, benches and stairs to strengthen and tone. They work with exercise tubing for resistance training. Each class includes a power walk with intervals of toning and cardio training. Exercises center around the strollers, often incorporate the strollers themselves.

As part of its core mission, Stroller Strides is a strong advocate for mothers interacting with other mothers. It’s about gaining support, education and advice. Partnering with Luna Moms Clubs’ playgroups, Stroller Strides is proactive in the community.

Fathers and other family members can always join in on a class for free. Prospective members can enjoy a free first class and moms groups can receive free trial classes. A runningspecific class is another exciting possibility for the near future.

Gal is planning a grand opening for Stroller Strides at an Ann Arbor park in the spring. Note that classes will be held outdoors in warmer weather. Meanwhile, Stroller Strides is a great way to get through the long Michigan winter. If fi tness is one of your goals for 2010 and you’re a new mom or have a young child, you’re bound to be inspired by this unique approach to
family-centered fitness.

For more information about Stroller Strides and the current schedule, contact Stroller Strides Ann Arbor at 734-717-8744 or taryngal@strollerstrides.net  www.strollerstrides.net/annarbor