Look ma! I'm on TV!

. April 29, 2013.

Completing 13 years of school and gaining a high school diploma is a big accomplishment, so why not literally broadcast the good news to the community? Community Television Network (CTN) of Ann Arbor will be showcasing members of the class of 2013 from May through June. Photos will be featured on the Educational Channel electronic bulletin board (Comcast Channel 18), which reaches more than 72,000 households in Ann Arbor and surrounding communities. Simply submit a digital photo of your choice—senior portraits are popular, but photos from events or candid shots are welcome. (No hard copies accepted.) Include the graduate’s full name, high school, and the name of the person or people congratulating them. Submissions are accepted anytime between now and mid-summer, and will begin airing Monday, May 6.

They’ll continue to run on the electronic bulletin board slideshow through mid summer. There is no charge for the service. Email submissions to mcohn@a2gov.org; contact Melissa Cohn 734-794-6150 x 41504. For more information on CTN, visit www.a2gov.org/ctn