Magic Book

. March 30, 2015.

A Detroit start-up company is making children’s books come alive virtually. Through the MagicBook app, a selection of children’s book pages have become 3D. Christina York and Marjorie Knepp created MagicBook to make reading more fun for children. A pair of developers took on this rather difficult project, and MagicBook was born.

“Marjorie and I are both parents of young children. We know what it feels like to need 20 minutes to get the dishwasher emptied, the laundry started, and dinner on the table,” Creator Christina York said. “We also know the guilt that might come with plunking your kids in front of the TV or handing them a video game controller.”

Any regular copy of the books included in the program can be used with the MagicBook app, to create a story that jumps off the page. With the touch of a finger, readers can interact with monsters from Where the Wild Things Are, and most recently, the Dr. Seuss book What Pet Should I Get?  

“We want to feel good about the activities we give our kids. MagicBook doesn’t just layer games on top of the book: we create content that reinforces and enhances the reading experience, giving kids the technology fix they love while engaging them with the paper books parents love,”  York said. “We really want to inspire a lifelong love of reading and books.”

The app is planned to be available for purchase this summer. 
A  beta version of the app was released last month on the website,