Meet the Rock People


It’s hard not to walk along a beach without becoming amazed by the beautiful shells and rocks that line the sandy shore. Drawing on this experience, local native Sue Valiquett and Ann Arborite Kate Lazuka created The Rock People, a children’s book inspired by the intuitive nature of rock collecting. While collecting rocks on the
beach, a young girl named Nae-Nae discovers a face in a rock, which leads to the revelation of a family legend of the Rock People, who are here to heal and protect the Earth.

The book’s photographically based images are a product of Lazuka’s collage work. To portray Nae-Nae, Lazuka pulled images of Valiquett’s daughter from 14-year-old negatives of photographs taken during a family vacation. Through digital manipulation, Lazuka was able to weave this personal element into the
story of caring for our earth.

“I see our book as a catalyst for getting kids outdoors and being with nature,” says Lazuka. “I believe that when one connects with nature, taking care of it is a natural result.”

The Rock People hit stands in the summer of 2009 and is available at Nicola’s Books and Downtown Home and Garden, as well as online at

Valiquett and Lazuka hope to eventually use book profits to launch The Rock People Foundation, an agency whose purpose would be to fund projects that help clean rivers, lakes and oceans.