Not so little

Who'd pass up a chance to see the world? Especially if you're just a few inches tall, you're missing your best friend and you've got a sweet car? The Ann Arbor Civic Theater's Junior League has a charming take on these timeless questions, with their effervescent new staging of Stuart Little. Sure, kids today know the popular animated films, but A2CT goes back to the source material, preserving the old-time New York feel of E.B. White's classic novel. Young folks now might not realize that good old Stuart in fact isn't a mouse! He's just a kid, like them, who happens to LOOK remarkably mouse-like. But, in a nice bit of positive messaging, Stuart's got a loving family and he's totally comfortable with his difference. He gets in some scrapes, but he's able to use his size to his advantage, and he's confident and independent to set out on his own when his best friend leaves town. Kids will thrill at his adventures, as he touches the lives of everyone he meets. $8 adults, $5 children. Thursday, November 8-Saturday, November 10, 7:30pm. Saturday, November 10-Sunday, November 11, 1pm. Washtenaw Community College Theater, 4800 E. Huron River Dr. 734-971-2228.