Opposites Attract

. May 1, 2014.

After his ten-year old granddaughter, Josie, mentioned that her mom had seen a girl wearing a pair of pants with two different color legs, entrepreneur and Bloomfield Hills resident, Tom Ervin, saw an opportunity to launch Oppos, his eighth business.

Oppos are leggings for girls that come equipped with a patented zipper, allowing the legs to attach and detach easily, allowing girls the power to design their leg-coverings for the day.

Since March 2013, Oppos has been a real grassroots, family operation. Josie gave Oppos its name (which is short for opposites) and family friend and professional designer, Shell Chilton, was brought in as partner to make Oppos a reality. As a grandparent of 20, Ervin recognizes the importance of finding that unique gift for grandchildren who seem to already have it all.

Many Oppos customers are grandparents who are happy to give their grandchildren a gift that they don’t already have in their closet, Ervin said.

Chilton, a Michigan native, previously worked in the clothing design business in New York, but had been out of the industry for about 13 years. Oppos is her first venture back into the business.

“I can’t believe this hasn’t been done already. It’s just so timely, with the mis-matched thing going on with girls’ socks and mittens,” she said. “There are so many companies out there that are doing leggings and doing them well, but Oppos has the patent on the attachment design.”

New Oppos leggings can be purchased at Stars and Stripes Activity Center, 4630 White Lake Rd., Clarkston. For more information and to order online, visit oppos.com.