Our Favorite Things – April 2018

. March 31, 2018.

A hug for teeth

From the creators of the parent-beloved NoseFrida Snotsucker comes SmileFrida the ToothHugger, an innovative new take on a toothbrush with a unique triple-angle brush design that attacks plaque fast by hugging teeth and cleaning all sides at once. Specially designed with little brushers in mind, the easy-to-hold SmileFrida is gentle on sensitive gums. $12.99


Peas and carrots

A staff pick at Literati, the charming book Carrot and Pea: An Unlikely Friendship by Morag Hood celebrates embracing differences. The story tells a tale of Colin, who is tall. He’s orange, and he’s a carrot. He’s nothing like Lee, a round green pea. Colin can’t do any of the things Lee and his pea pals can do. How can Colin and Lee ever be friends? $16.99 literatibookstore.com


Sharing joy

Seeds of Happiness are leftover lumps of clay (stay with us here) that have been created into little smiles. Handmade in the USA, these little clay “seeds” come in several colors and are meant to be given out to friends, family or even strangers who are going through hard times and need a little smile. Their creator, Mark Borella, hopes that everyone will help him spread seeds of happiness. Sold individually, the little seeds come with a story card explaining their origin. $2 catchingfireflies.com