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Ever wonder why every culture has bread and some kind of noodle? At the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, the Family Reading and Science program is exploring that question and helping kids ages 6 to 11 discover answers that are surprising, fun, and super interactive. At the “Just Like Me? Exploring Culture, Biology and the Human Experience” workshop on Sunday, February 10, “We’re taking a look at the things we have in common across cultures and the science behind them,” says Amanda Paige, Library Outreach Program Manager. “Kids learn about why certain harvesting and cooking choices are made, and what happens in their bodies once the foods get in there. We have hands-on activities to help them understand how things work.” Registration is strongly encour- aged. Additionally, the program will be offered at Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti libraries; see the website for full details. Event starts at 1 pm and is free. UM Museum of Natural History, Education Room at Ruthven Museums Build- ing, 1109 Geddes Ave. 734-764-0478.