Ready to Rock

. February 27, 2013.

You don’t have to travel over the rainbow to get to this land of Oz. “I want kids to be comfortable with music, with instruments, and also to demystify the process of going up on stage,” says Steve Osburn, creator of Oz’s Music in Ann Arbor. That last part inspired Kids’ Open Stage, where young attendees can jump into the spotlight the first Saturday of every month and perform musically, regardless of whether he or she has ever had a lesson. “There’s one kid in town who’s performed on piano with the  Ann Arbor Symphony, and sometimes he’ll stop by and play a little Chopin,” Osburn says. “But honestly, I think the applause is just as loud for a 3-year-old who gets up and bangs on a drum.” 4pm. Free. $15 per family. Oz’s Music, 1920 Packard Rd. 734-662-8283.