Rosie the Riveter World Premiere

. October 30, 2015.

WWII wasn’t just fought overseas; it took a tremendous effort here in Michigan from a brand-new work force. Rosie the Riveter, directed by Hilary Cohen, written by Jeff Duncan, and composed by Brian Buckner, tells the tale of the women behind the great leap in production that happened in Detroit while the war was going on. With their men suddenly called to fight, leaving thousands of factory jobs unattended, these women from all over the country answered the call to produce B-24 bombers, piece by piece, a plane an hour, day after day. This original production from the Wild Swan Theater group borrows the name of the popular symbol of the female working-class at the time and makes it’s world premiere right here in Ann Arbor. A lesson about what was happening in Michigan during an important time in our country’s history, the performance offers a glimpse into how women won respect in the workplace, one back-breaking task at a time. All four dates will be showing at the Towsley Auditorium on the Washtenaw Community College Campus. 

Wednesday, November 11 through Saturday, November 14. 10am/Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, 12pm/Friday, 2pm/Saturday
$15/adult, $10/children, seniors, & military
Towsley Center, 4800 E. Huron Dr.
734-995-0530 |