Shelter for the lost

Everybody needs a home. And neglected and abused animals need somebody to stand up for them. Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson of Manchester's SASHA Farm have made caring for those unwanted critters their calling. "SASHA" can stand for "Sanctuary and Safe Haven for Animals," but it's also the name of one of the couple's first success stories — Sasha, their beloved border collie/spaniel mix, who became the farm's guiding spirit for its first 17 years. Sasha has moved on to an even nicer farm, we're told, but SASHA Farm is bigger than ever, currently housing over 200 animals. Some of them were literally left to die, but thanks to Jackson and Davies they've found a place that not only provides shelter, but food, veterinary care and companionship. You can wait to visit the farm during one of their public events — but if you want to help, they're looking for volunteers any time.  Even if you're not comfortable with larger animals, there are plenty of cats that would love to have you around. 17901 Marle Rd., Manchester. 734-428-9617.