Sweet encouragement

. October 26, 2012.

“Mom! I’m going to do great at my gymnastic meet! My teammate just sent me some fresh-baked confidence!”
The phrase got one A2 mom thinking – and now, a year and a half later, it has blossomed into a new business, Fresh Baked Confidence. Run by two moms – Melissa, Chief Motivator, and Gingie, Chief Baker – the home-based company delivers baskets and care packages to kids and adults who could use motivation. The difference: not only are the delicious treats in the basket nutritious and energy-providing, they come complete with a motivational message tailored to the recipient’s situation.

“Sport events are a natural fit,” says Melissa, a triathlete herself, “but there are dozens of school situations from pre-K to college where a message of confidence and love means so much: exams, plays and musical performances, graduations, a big speech.” She and Gingie have also supplied care packages with offerings like peanut butter crispies and granola cookies for adults before an important presentation, during a job-hunt, upon becoming new parents, or in anticipation of an upcoming medical procedure. “Everyone needs empowerment!” Find them at the Chelsea and Ann Arbor Farmer's Markets, or place an order by calling 734-657-1094 or visiting www.freshbakedconfidence.com. —NB